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  4. The admission fee in software archives, even if it is alternative 'premium downloads', is strictly prohibited!
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    This also includes packing the software into other software (such called Downloader) that recommends the user to install more than this application (for example toolbars, cleaner, etc.)!
    Sorry guys, but I see nothing from the money you earn with that...

    Creator and developer of Shotty: Thomas Baumann

System requirements


Battcursor uses the UpdateSystem.Net (german page) to check for new versions. This will access the host If you do not want to have Automatic Updates, you can disable this feature in the settings.

No private information from you will be sent, only the currently installed BattCursor version is sent and depending on user action the update will be downloaded. The only data that we collect for statistics reasons are: number of search for updates, number of updates and operating system version.

Current version

BattCursor 1.2 (151455 Downloads) Changelog


This installer retrives the current version out of the internet and installs this one, but it requires an internet connection. If you want to install BattCursor without an active internet connection please download the current version.

BattCursor WebInstall (10930 Downloads)

Previous versions

Notice: The files below are outdated and should not be used. You can use it if you have problems with the current version. In this case please tell us about so we can improve our application and fix errors.

BattCursor 1.1 (8911 Downloads) Changelog
BattCursor 1.0.5 (2527 Downloads) Changelog
BattCursor 1.0.5 Binaries (3254 Downloads) Changelog


  • Phamous wrote on 23.04.2010 15:04:00:

    Nice gadget, much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Sherman Williams wrote on 03.04.2010 07:10:38:

    Thank you, this is a very handy little gadget.

  • Brian wrote on 26.03.2010 12:37:47:

    I found a problem with installation.

    It seems the installer is looking for "BattCursor 1.2" but when I unzip the download, it creates a folder name of "BattCursor%201.2"

    This is usually a web issue, as spaces are not allowed on web. Change the name of your zips to BattCursor_1.2 or BattCursor-1.2. Don't use spaces on the web.

  • Thomas Baumann wrote on 10.03.2010 14:51:16:

    @Sacke: I use Windows 7 x64, too. The installer and the application works on both x86 and x64 systems. Please try to download again with another browser.

    There are known problems with Opera Browser. You should get a .zip file, not an .exe file!

  • Sacke wrote on 09.03.2010 23:05:20:


    Even the web installer complains about 64-bit.

  • sacke wrote on 09.03.2010 23:04:23:

    Addendum: Windows 7 64bit. Computer HP HDX18

  • Sacke wrote on 09.03.2010 23:03:29:

    Complains about that my computer is a 64-bit. Won't install.

  • Thomas Baumann wrote on 21.02.2010 07:16:51:

    @Nic: Backlight dimming does work on Windows 7 :) Try to get updated chipset drivers for your laptop. Some OEM Software may also cause this problem.

  • Nic wrote on 21.02.2010 06:34:54:

    Fantastic software, but 1 major problem with the new version. The backlight dimming function (which is critical to saving battery) does not function with Windows 7.

  • reddy wrote on 11.02.2010 16:49:38:

    i like it

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